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Skylar 3 points 7 months ago *

Even though this isn’t really my thing I did watch and enjoy season one because of it’s murder mystery story line. However, the series started to tail spin from season 2 with poor writing and acting, coupled with lots of social justice themes being forced into the story and season 3 is just total garbage. The story lines are pathetic, non of the characters are likeable in any way and most have just become a bunch of criminals and the whole thing has become a total embarrassment. Put this show out of it’s misery as soon as possible!

gypsy soul 2 points 1 month ago


xxstaindrosesxx 1 points 5 months ago

Season 3 is terrible. It’s like they sat a child down in a room and told them to come up with whatever plot they wanted and used it in the series. However, I’m starting to think a child could come up with better content than the current writers of this show. None of the plots make any sense, and I find it incredibly awful how unrealistic and crappy the parents are in this show. The problem is that they never decided if they wanted this to be a teen drama, drama for everyone, or something else, because it seems like they try to cater to everything and nothing at all at the same time, which fails miserably.

SYLCollective 1 points 10 months ago *

The 2nd season was my favorite, this 3rd season is really starting to disappoint me. Like what was said above, it’s like they have no idea where they’re even taking this.

LuxxyLuxx 1 points 8 months ago

I’m really not sure where they are going with this series….It’s almost like they don’t even know themselves with where the series is going…. lol

drbadassx11 1 points 8 months ago

Not going to lie, I enjoyed the first season the best so far.

Manic9 0 points 3 months ago(Contains Spoilers)

I hope that teenagers don’t take this tv show seriously. First of all, all those 16 year olds live like they’re (at least) 30-40 years old. Even the way they drink is so weird, they drink rum and have business meetings. They don’t respect their parents and even rule over them. They can do whatever the hell they want, drink, stay out all night, blackmail, run a freaken ‘bar’/casino, go after murderers, form a gang, etc. Every time they do something bad they get away with it. Cheryl burned her house down and her mother just let it go. I can’t even begin about Veronica, the power her parents give to her, damn. And seriously what’s up with the girls outfits? Can the skirts be any shorter? Especially Veronica and Cheryl, no teenager dresses like that. Veronica’s gowns she wears when she’s in her ‘La bonne nuit’ come on, is that really the fashion style or even life style of a 16-17 year old girl?
Not every teenager is mature enough to see that this wrong in the real world.

Manic9 0 points 3 months ago *

First season was great, but second season was so theatrical with poor acting which made it so fake and boring. Season 3 was the worst. I do have to give them credit for the last episode of season 3, that episode made me curious about season 4.