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Gypsy Soul Wrote :

“I filled out the “Submit Link” form using an acceptable host link. When I hit the Submit button my screen flashes then I am back to the same page. How do I know if the link was correctly submitted and accepted? “

Go to your Profile and look on the Right-Hand Side and down under “Watched List”. You will see “Links”.

There you can check the status of your submission and a whole lot more!

Posted 4 months ago *
gypsy soul
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I have accessed all right-hand options before but did not see the “links” option. Mine is very pale. Anyway, I must not have had the correct format as links say “0”. I will try again. Thanks, Robo

Posted 4 months ago
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That confirms your submission was NOT received.

At least you now know where to look next time!

Posted 4 months ago
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justice asked, “hey what site are you guys using to get the movie id from when adding movies?”
I’m wanting to know, as well.
And, Silverrain said, “Links should be properly labelled with the correct quality (HDTV, WEBRip, WEB-DL) and at least the release group.” What is meant by “and at least the release group”?

Posted 4 months ago
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I was just wondering if there were going to be links added to all the older tv shows like Make Room for Daddy. Would like to let my mom watch shows like that.

Posted 3 months ago
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trying to submit approved site ( links for movies & keep getting “not approved site” errors…

Posted 3 months ago
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@DREKnyc : Just to be sure, please inspect the URL for the correct domain name. has mirror sites that the user is redirected to. If so, the domain name may appear slightly different. I have been able to correct them by replacing the altered domain with the correct one. I then test it to ensure the link works. When it does, I know it should be accepted by our submit page.

If you’re still having problems, please fee free to PM me the details.

I’ll be happy to check for you!

Posted 3 months ago
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hey recently ive encounter in mid movie a big ad of a whale ORCA88 its very annoying how can i prevent from that from happening its really frustrating in mid movie???

Posted 2 months ago
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The brand new movie files we get HDCAM versions for have hard-coded already on them. As such, we are stuck with them until a better version is uploaded for us to share.

To ease potential frustrations, I provide a Heads Up in the Comments to give folks a better level of expectation.

Thank You for your understanding.

Posted 2 months ago *
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How does one delete their account ? I believe that my time here is over as I’ve basically have had enough of the inappropriate rudeness, bigotry and character assassinations constantly espewed by certain members in chat, as well as views or opinions that are totally irrelevant to a film or shows content showing up in the comments section…max

Posted 1 month ago *
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How bout you start enforcing this on chat, “No inappropriate content. This is a family friendly site.”
I’ve grown tired of the Racist rants of some members.
Do not allow hate filled and abusive verbal ATTACKS from members on other members.

Posted 22 days ago *
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I agree w/previous posters, & TYPHON, chat & comments but particularly chat has gotten out of control! Hate-filled bigoted bullies spewing their rage & intolerance all over Primewire. I used to enjoy chat but I don’t use that feature anymore. I’d hide chat but then I don’t know when/if my “friends” from the old days are online here. It’s a sad state of affairs when good people do nothing… I’ve been in Food & Beverage all my adult life. If any establishment I operated had a guest(s) behaving as they do here, I’d 86 them. You know who we’re talking about, I’m sure.

Posted 22 days ago *
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what does ‘you are using an invalid token…something about security…something about this has been logged’ mean? i think it signed me out somehow because when i went to click a link i was no longer signed in and got the message, but i have no idea what it means or what, if anything, i did wrong

Posted 16 days ago
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We have started enforcing the “No inappropriate content. This is a family friendly site.” rule in the chat and muting users who do not comply.

Posted 14 days ago


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